Sunday, November 4, 2012

Max's Rug

Our cat Max has issues.  He cannot be left with any of Nora's hair bows/flowers out or he attacks.  He is slowly trying to figure out how to open our bedroom door to come sleep with us.  And he thinks we bought the kitchen rug for his own personal lounging space. 
"Why is Audrey on my rug?"
Rug lost to the pups.
This was right after he rolled over.  He had been on his back lounging with Nora.
My rug.  My baby.

I love our cat.  He is insane, but he puts up with Nora.  In the last couple of pics the receipt in her hand is what she was offering Max.  He flipped on his belly to get some lovin'.  No, he is not normal.

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  1. Nora appears to be a cat whisperer! Love her leopard pants.