Monday, November 5, 2012

Let's Just Say It: Liver

Recently I made a dish from my Country Cooking of Ireland cookbook:  lamb's liver with whiskey cream sauce.  Verdict: the crowd went wild!  Not only did both G and I enjoy it, Nora really liked it as well.  I would say I thought it was a wee bit too much butter.  Which is saying something because this is a house that really should just buy stock in Kerrygold.
We served it over a baked potato and topped it with chives as recommended.  The whole thing left us just salivating for more, and it was a great iron boost for me (nursing mamas tend to be low).  We had root soup (also from Country Cooking of Ireland) as a starter, which went wonderfully.
Now, I know, if you've made it this far, you're thinking, "Really Kate, really?  Lamb's liver?  Are you nuts?"  Honestly, this was my first time eating lamb's liver, and only my second time eating a hooved animals liver (usually we stick to chicken/duck/goose liver).  And I was apprehensive.  It's easy to see the things I cook and think I'm whoa brave, but I'm not....I'm just an adventurous eater.  I usually still have to work myself up to actually tasting it.  But it was good.  Really good.

I strongly feel (as I have mentioned before) that if you are going to have an animal die so you can eat it, then you shouldn't be throwing out bits that are perfectly edible and delicious.  Just wait to you see which other bits of lamb have been eaten well as what is coming up soon! 


  1. Lambs liver. mmmm. Yum.

    I also very lightly pan fry lambs liver in butter, and then top with persillade sauce, which is just lots of finely chopped parsley, garlic, olive oil and a squitz of lemon. The lemoon and parsley just works with the liver somehow and it is ever so simple.

    I agree with you about eating all of the animal also.

  2. I LOVE that recipe! Last time I made it with roasted cabbage...