Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Heart Lamb

Yep, you guessed it.  Lamb's heart. I have pictures of it raw and whole, but thought I'd be kind.  You're welcome.  I also am including added pictures of cuteness.
I went to Whole Foods recently and came home with the heart, the liver and another bit of lamb.  Apparently our local Whole Foods gets in about 4 local lambs a month and usually the organs go quickly.  I caught it the day they put it out and so I went with it.
Nora got her own plate.

But what to do with heart?  Turns out if you turn to the U.K. you'll find plenty of recipes.  I used this one for Moroccan Lamb Heart.
And a pear for dessert.

In a word: phenomenal.  I first sauteed a bunch of thin onions and sauteed them until they were soft, and then added the heart that had been marinating for a few hours.  (Heart is super tender because it has no grain.) Then, in a moment of randomness I served it with lavash (a Middle Eastern bread), cauliflower that I roasted with curry and cumin, and some good southern greens (rainbow chard with lard, garlic and hot sauce).  The whole meal went surprisingly well together, so I'm keeping it on file for another time in the near future.

Which led to a bath!

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  1. Oh wow! When you said wait to see what was next, I never thought it would be heart! You are brave indeed! That looks exceedingly good though... i have never seen heart in our butchers... maybe i should enquire!

    Nora is just adorable.... the first pic of her about to lay into her meal is just gorgeous.