Friday, November 9, 2012

Keep Calm

My 21 year old brother arrives tonight for a long weekend.  A week after he leaves my father-in-law arrives for the week of Thanksgiving/Nora's birthday.  So as we finish up last minute preparations and make a ton of coffee and tea, I'm reminding myself to stay calm.  That our home isn't perfect, but it is one where we are warm and welcome in those we love. 

I deal with a lot of pressure on myself for perfectionism.  I like everything "just so", and struggle to just relax and admit I don't have it all together.  It's something I'm constantly working on.  But in the midst of that I still want to welcome people in, put a kettle on, and be able to sit down with friends and family. 

I'm planning to paint that Union Flag and saying to put in my kitchen.  I have the canvas, now if I could only find the time! 


  1. Love that keep calm poster. I printed the Keep Calm and Carry On when I was going through a difficult time and posted it where I could see it as a reminder.

    You're not the only one who wants things "just so" but feels as though they fall a little short. People who love you do just that, they love you regardless.

    Can't believe Nora's going to be one already! Where does the time go!!

  2. I love that! I think I need a sign like that, too.

  3. Have a good time with your brother! I haven't seen my family in almost a year and I miss them terribly.

    I love the original Keep Calm poster ("Keep Calm & Carry On"). Like you, I'm a perfectionist that hates when everything isn't "just so". And I'm not sure I'm physically or mentally able to ever fully relax (except when on holiday, perhaps). I think as women we are just hardwired that way!