Monday, November 26, 2012

 Brooks 'Glycerin 10' Running Shoe (Women)

Tonight I called one of my baby brothers to ask advice on running shoes.  Oh yes, I'm taking up running again.  And I haven't had new athletic shoes since college. 

So only 6 or 7 years ago.  Ahem.

On his and our cousin's advice, I just ordered a pair of Brooks running shoes.  I just stared at the price, laughed, and told G that I would definitely need to actually use these. 

I tried setting a running goal a couple of years ago but ended up set back by the ever painful hammer toe.  I was told that it wasn't fixable by anything but surgery.  I just laughed at them and a couple years later my feet are in excellent condition because I make a point to wear flats most days.  At the time I had been wearing heels of some sort nearly every day, and it really did some damage. 

This time around I need to take up running again.  Soon after having Nora I was near my pre-pregnancy weight, but not size.  And now, I've actually put on weight (the explanation would be too complicated), and since I can't alter my diet much while nursing (at least calorie wise), I'm incorporating exercise.  The goal is to run about 10-14 miles a week (a lot easier than it sounds). I figure it will give me a bit of a break from life and thereby be relaxing as well as slimming.

I turn 30 in just under a year and a half.  My goal is to meet that milestone feeling truly comfortable in my own skin.  So here is hoping that running helps me reach that goal!  I'm updating my tracker to keep myself in check and will start running once my shoes arrive sometime before next Tuesday!


  1. I understand your milestone goal and I have a similar one for an upcoming milestone.

    With winter approaching, are you going to be running in a gym or are you going to be going out in the winter weather and running? If so, how are you going to manage the elements, the snow and freezing temps?

  2. Way to go on starting up the running! I've always wanted to (and have tried in fits and starts at times)...also loved your more recent post about cleaning out excess from your house - we're in the midst of that as well :)