Saturday, November 24, 2012


A year ago my contractions were just starting.  My excitement to meet Nora was overwhelming, and I spent a lot of time talking to my belly telling her how loved she was.  The baby I never thought I'd get to have was on her way.  Flash forward, and in approximately 5 1/2 hours she'll turn 1.  One.  I say it aloud and it sounds so strange.  My daughter is turning one.

She is a bundle of energy.  She always, always, wakes up happy.  She's learned to give kisses and gets so excited and wraps her little arms around us and strangles hugs us.  Her grandpa is currently visiting and he delights in her and laughs and says, "She has a lot of personality."  She's already begun to stare me down to see if she can get away with something.  And while she hasn't taken her first steps alone yet, she's slowly learning to stand on her own. 

And have I mentioned that she's a mama's girl?  Oh yes.  With 3 out of 4 (more) teeth having broken through this week she's proven this ten times over.  She snuggles into me and practices touching my face "gently" (something we work on constantly so I don't get walloped!) and giggles.

I speak to her in French often.  Usually as a reprimand.  "Écoute-moi. Arrêter!" Listen to me. Stop!  And it gets me odd looks (because it can sound harsh), but she knows what it means and she generally turns back and smiles.

I never imagined loving someone the way I love her.  I snuggle her and I say, "You are my heart."  And then I melt as she hugs me tighter.

*My friend Jill is an amazing photographer who we recently did a photo shoot with.  Nora was a ham for nearly 2 hours!


  1. Happy first birthday, little cutie!
    She is that photo.
    Have fun celebrating, Mama!
    xo, A

  2. Happy birthday Nora!! You make your mama and daddy proud. A ham for sure:)

  3. Tell Nora "joyeux anniversaire" for me! She's such a cute little girl.

    If you guys get to France in the next year, please let me know and I'll come to visit you in Paris (or you guys can come stay with me in the Alps!)

  4. I hope Nora had a happy birthday. She's such a cutie!!