Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Post Postponed

Because I really would like to vlog about how we have been raising Nora when it comes to food, and because my husband will be on bed rest until Friday to recover from the flu, our food series is being postponed until next week, beginning Monday.  I'm either just exhausted from the ordeal, or coming down with it too, because I've been feeling like a truck hit me and passed out at 7 tonight before getting dinner.  It's now 9 and I'd like to see the inside of my eyelids very soon. 

So, I apologize for those who have said they were looking forward to this.  I spent all night Sunday working on what I wanted to say!  However, I'm going to have to my health, sanity and my family first this time. 


  1. Take care. We've got the flu in our house here. It's wicked! It it my husband harder than me. I am over the hump and hope to be feeling better soon than later at this point. Take care and I sympathize!

  2. Hope that G is better very soon and you had a god rest (and did not get the flu!). Looking forward to your blog week, but yes you need to look after yourself first!