Thursday, December 6, 2012


I will spare you the details, but my title of Mama was put to the test last night.  Nora caught G's flu, and this meant a bath at 1 a.m., followed by a shower at 2:30.  Most unpleasant, though she kept in good spirits for most of it.  I'm left hoping that I will once again avoid the illness that has everyone else quarantined. 

In the meantime I have really loved getting your comments about the upcoming posts about Nora's education with food and eating.  And I wanted to open it up in case anyone had any particular questions they wanted answering to.  I know I've had a couple requests just in general, but I would love to help if you have any specific ones in mind.  I don't claim to be an expert, but what we're doing seems to be working on the food front, so I'd love to help.

I'm not perfect and have a funny little story to share about having to quit some of my own bad habits in order to make sure Nora doesn't continue to mimic me.  If I'd had Nora a few years ago I am sure her food choices would be much less varied and healthy because our choices weren't always as good as they (usually) are now.  And I do want to offer hope for those looking to help their child overcome being a picky eater, though as the author discovered it means going against the current trends in North American parenting.

We're looking forward to an illness free weekend full of holiday cheer and scrumptious food and bubbly.  Any great meals you have planned for this weekend?


  1. Hi Kate,

    I also read French Kids Eat Everything and really enjoyed it. I'd love to hear how Nora is dealing with different textures. My daughter has a wonderful appetite and eats everything except bananas (and doesn't seem to have much of a sweet tooth, maybe because I started her on veggies?!) but we stick to mostly purees since she gags on really chunky things. (I usually spoon-feed her and do finger foods after the meal to practice. I know many people disagree with this approach, but it's working for us now.) Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic!

    We're having roast chicken with cognac sauce and mushrooms, pumpkin gratin, and haricots verts this weekend. And gingerbread muffins topped with cinnamon Neufchatel for Sunday breakfast.

    I hope your brood feels better soon, and stay healthy yourself!

  2. Sorry to hear Nora isn't feeling well :( Sending positive vibes your way.

    I'm actually taking a break from cooking while I'm in Canada and letting my Mom do it all! It's nice, but my parents don't have the same food habits as I do now (after being in France for so long), and I'm craving some of my fresh, simple meals that don't come frozen or full of preservatives!