Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bonjour 2013!

*I kept telling myself that I'd finish the video series.  Once I was done taking care of G who got the flu twice in December.  Once I was done taking care of Nora....who luckily only got it once.  Once I was done taking care of myself because I too got the flu (more mildly, thank God) twice.  And then throw in family strife and Christmas and New Years and it just didn't happen.  But it will be finished, I promise. *

2012 was a hard year for me.  I struggled as a mother, learning to balance my needs with hers.  I struggled with learning to say, "That isn't working for me."  And I struggled with trying to find my identity, only to realize that nothing has changed except I've mellowed and become a stronger person.  I will say that my marriage has been stronger.  That while we've definitely had our rows, we've both spent a lot of time learning to meet each others' needs and to apologize when we fall short.  Mostly though, we've spent this year loving our little family and figuring out what sort of parents we want to be, what we want our daughter to remember when she's older.  Oh, and smooching. 

For 2013 I have a lot of goals.  To read a few biographies.  If you know of any great ones, please recommend them!  To read some classics.  To plan meals better so we eat out less. (Hence the upheaval with my pinterest food board.) And to make time to connect more often with friends.

But my biggest goal this year?  My biggest goal is to take better care of myself.  To take time for myself when I need it.  To ask for help when I'm feeling overwhelmed.  To walk more and eat better.  And to learn to say when I don't think another person's behavior is good enough for me to put up with.  2013 is the year where I make sure my life is healthy and happy.

Happy New Year!  I hope it's a great one for all of you!


  1. Bonne Année Kate! 2012 was a big year for you, and I've really enjoyed following along as you experienced being a new mom, your hubby coming home (and your posts about marriage - I can relate!), and your posts about food and cooking. I think your new year's resolutions are good ones, and I hope 2013 brings you good health, happiness, and many new recipes to share :)

  2. Happy new year to you, Kate. Been a very difficult year in my quarters as well; hoping for a more pleasant 2013. Was thinking the other day it's a shame you aren't one of the moderators of the French Chic group; you'd be great at getting people talking again and interested in All Things French, the way it was 10 years ago. Maybe you should write to one and ask to take it off her hands?? It used to be SUCH a lively group, interested in the actual culture of France, rather than just the declutter, capsule wardrobe, don't-overeat thing it is now. It has suffered for a lack of leadership. Anyway, best to you and yours this year.


  3. Happy New Year, Kate! Since I'm a more local member of the blogging community, know I'm here if you need me.

    I loved Dearie, the biography of Julia Child, who is a francophile like you! Speaking of that, there is also "My Year in France" about her time there. I read that a few years ago now. This woman's attitude towards life is truly remarkable. Maybe it'll inspire you to get in the kitchen even more.

    I hope to see you soon!


  4. Hello Kate, Happy New Year and I second Marsi!
    I had a quick look at your Pinterest page - you have done a great job with your food pages, I'll be having a proper look later, thanks. All the best to you and your little family.

  5. I just added another biography to my library queue this evening. One by Andrew McCarthy, the guy from Pretty in Pink. It's called The Longest Way Home, which is half amazing travelogue, half vulnerable soul-searching before he settles down with his second wife. I'll let you know what I think when I finally get my hands on it; I'm number 10.

  6. Yes to more biographies:) I got no list of now. But it's interesting what others are putting down. Ditto on plan better on meals.

    You are an amazing woman Kate. We all are! Here's so an!other great year