Monday, January 28, 2013

Simple Joys

I think one of the simplest (and inexpensive) ways to brighten up your home is to put some cut flowers around the house. 
 Michelle of Italia Gal was over for lunch 2 weeks ago and she brought a bouquet.  It had more yellow flowers and some green as well, but for 2 weeks in (and I totally got busy and didn't cut them or change their water like I normally would!) they still look fantastic!  They're now in one of our bathrooms, and make it cheerful.

And last week G got me the bouquet at the top from Trader Joe.  Seriously, for $3.99 I have an amazing, bright bouquet in my kitchen.  And I didn't even ask for flowers!  It's one of the things he picked up while I was writing the office post!

To keep flowers fresh, make sure you clear off any leaves that will touch the water, change the water every 2-3 days, and I usually trim a tiny bit then as well.  I've found flowers prefer water that is somewhat lukewarm, just a tip.

Any other tips for keeping cut flowers fresh?  I've managed to make many a bouquet last a month, but I'm always up for advice! 


  1. Fresh flowers (and plants) are the best. I love having touches of nature inside my home, but unfortunately with my 2 crazy sphynx kitties, anything in a vase if off limits! I learned that the hard way...

    Beautiful flowers for a beautiful gal :)

  2. Definitely! I have decided 2013 is going to be the year of More Flowers...currently I have tulips, a mixed bouquet in peaches and yellows (a gift from a friend) and hyacinths just about to start blooming. They really do make such a difference to a room! And thanks for the tips to make cut flowers last longer ;)

  3. Wow... I can't believe they lasted so long! Way to go, Kate!

    I also think one is supposed to cut them at an angle. I think all the gimmicks out there like throwing a penny simply are not proven. Bouquets often come with a little packet and that is designed to work.

    I currently have my balcony potted plants inside for the winter, but I was thinking once I put them back out, I would try to keep bouquets around as well. I adore flowers.

    I remember you giving G a not-so-subtle hint with my hostess gift in hand, [LOL] but I am very impressed with him giving you flowers. What a good husband...


  4. Are they freesias that G bought you? They are beautiful and I love the colour. I just picked up a bouquet of tulips to bring some spring into my living room.

  5. Crystal, thank you. Luckily our cat seems to have no interest in the flowers.

    Rachel, I like that goal!

    Michelle, your flowers are still going! And yes, I did hint, but he remembered over a week later which is previously unheard of!

    Stephanie, Thanks! I love them!

    Jacqui, No, not freesias. I'll have to check next time I'm at Trader Joe. I love tulips, and luckily they're coming into season!