Friday, January 25, 2013

Worth The Memories

This November we had family photos taken by my friend Jill, the amazing photographer behind HeartLove Photography.  She's fantastic and pretty much all of the 140+ photos turned out beautiful.  I just changed the photo in the "Moi" section to the right to one of the shots of me she took, but thought you might also want to see some others.  If you're local, I seriously have never seen her take a bad photo.  She does newborns, families, boudoir, you name it!

This final pic is Nora in her birthday hat with her beloved George.  The pennant banner in the background I sewed using vintage sheets.

I am so glad we made the decision to go ahead and take some family pics.  A few are going on our wall.  And I'm glad Nora will have these to look back on when she's older. (The photo we have right after the last one is of her bawling in the hat....because we tried to get a shot without George.  Hysterical really because it was captured perfectly.)


  1. Beautiful pictures, Kate. Your friend is a great photographer.

  2. Your family is beautiful that's why it came out so beautifully. Love it!

  3. The pictures are beautiful! Your family is absolutely precious Kate!