Wednesday, May 1, 2013



At midnight tonight I'll be turning 29.  A year away from 30 and I could not be more excited.  Some women dread 30, while I have been looking forward to it for years.  No joke.  So currently I'm drinking a dirty martini in prep for this new year to begin.

28 has been rough.  But I will say that it has been the year that I began to stop putting up with b.s., even from people I love, and taking better care of myself.  I've begun running again, eating more (because I wasn't meeting calorie qualifications whatsoever), and just learning to say no.  No I won't let someone treat me that way, no I don't need that snack, no I'm not okay, but I'm getting there. 

Because it's not just about physical health.  I'm choosing this 29th year to get good in all areas, including emotionally.  I grew up not feeling like I was able to really be sad, so my sadness transformed into frustration and anger that wasn't good for my health or marriage.  I've spent the last couple years slowly changing that.  It's allowed me to let go of a lot of anger, but the downside is that I've had to address the sadness underneath.  Luckily I have an amazing husband to aid with that, and an adorable Smooshy Smoosh (a.k.a. Eleanor) to brighten my day. 

So this year I'm getting all of my shit together (figuratively).  And with the way I've felt lately, and huge life changes ahead in this coming year (no, not another baby), I feel like I've had weight lifted off and this year is going to be amazing.  So many things in the work that life is brighter than ever! 


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Wishing you a wonderful 29th year.

  2. Happy birthday Kate! You are surely going have a marvelous year.

  3. Happy birthday Kate! I hope 29 is wonderful for you :) xxx

  4. Happiest of birthdays to you, Kate :) I love your attitude and I know 29 is going to be a great year. Cheers to you!!

  5. Happy Birthday, beautiful Kate! Hope this is a wonderful day, year, and life for you.

  6. I missed your birthday. :( I hope it was a wonderful one! Wishing you a happy and joyful year.

    I'm one of the ones who hated 30. Not really sure why but it was one that I struggled with. 40 and 50 were both great. As you are working on approaching your 30th birthday, I've got a couple of years to come to terms with facing 60! May we both have amazing milestone birthdays!