Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Heart Dances

Source: via 'Angelica on Pinterest

Sometimes we try to put ourselves in boxes, check off items on a list of how we should be to fit some sort of category that could never encompass who we truly are.

But lately, my heart dances with a freedom that both lifts me and grounds me to this earth I love.  I throw on a simple black maxi dress and sandals and I take hold of the little hand connected to the little person who watches and mimics and strives to dance in my footsteps.  I find myself wandering down a sidewalk, excited for the adventure that is breathing and cloud watching and coffee drank by a toddler (oh my!).

I do not fit in a category.  I am defined by my choices and there are too many wonderful things in this world to ever try to just be simple.  I am a messy perfectionist.  I am a realistic dreamer.  I dance to Indian music in a restaurant because the beat moves in my soul and my shoulders and hips sway because there is no way they could not.  And those eyes that follow me are in a head that sways as well.  How strange that the title "Mama" would be the thing that set me free from trying to fit anything. 

So I walk with my heart thumping to a tune I set with the life I am living.   I do not shy from the fact that I am a woman whose walk draws eyes, because I was designed this way and He did a glorious job thankyouverymuch.  I do not take the time to concern myself with those who would say I can't be this or that because I don't meet their narrow view of whatever that is.  I laugh loudly when I am truly delighted and smile politely when I'm distracted and stop apologizing for either.

I pull back my mane and sway my hips to Macklemore, my feet stomping in a kitchen as I preserve food and never once does it occur to me that I am a contradiction in that moment to the girlie girl who loves to wear a floor length gown and buys jewels that are ridiculous.  Both of these sides are just me and I am perfectly fine with that.  I fought a war of which was more authentically me for far longer than battles should go on and finally cried out, "Enough."

I am enough.  Enough of a woman, Christian, writer, mother, wife, dancer, dreamer, cook, spell binder.  And I say to you, amazing person reading these words, that you too are enough.  You too are glorious, complicated, and worthy of broken boxes. 


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    1. Thanks Sarah. It was good to see my own voice come across right. :-)

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    1. Thanks Ping....and hugs to you and your beautiful Tessa!

  3. I don't fit a single category, either. I love to dress up for special events but my everyday look is more hippie/bohemian. I used to worry if people would find that unusual but it is what it is and I'm learning to embrace it. I love this post!

    1. Deanna, how amazing would this world be if we as women stopped trying to fit something and just embraced our amazing complexities. Glad you're making headway there.

  4. I really needed to see this today.
    Like really, really.
    Thank you!

  5. Loved this! You've got a great outlook on life :)

    Keep on dancin', copine!

  6. Brilliant post.

    Your post reminded me that I need to just 'be'.