Monday, September 30, 2013

Thrifty Finds

Thrift stores (charity shops) are a weakness of mine.  Probably because I've found some really awesome pieces (including a $400+ humidor, new, for less than $5).  But it's easy to accumulate junk.  And, as we are clearing our house entirely of clutter before 2014, I've avoided thrift stores because I don't want to add to it. 

However, the other night we were out and about and I decided it would be fun to hit up a Goodwill.  So glad I did.  Here are my finds:
This is a Italian made small side table with inlaid wood and a swiss music box attachment. You open it up and it stores pieces (I've found others by this company that were used as jewelry boxes).  G and I picked up a pretty box with chess pieces a few years ago, and this is just the thing to finally teach ourselves! 
This cookie platter is made in France and is the perfect piece for holiday cookies.  I had to dig to find it, but love that it's just a simple snowy scene and is large enough for a get together. 
Pyrex.  Oh Pyrex.  I picked up a loaf pan (currently in the dishwasher because we baked banana bread that same night!).  I've previously only used metal but wanted to try glass.  The baker is medium sized, perfect for roasted vegetables, or some chicken breasts.  The smaller pieces I actually picked up for Eleanor's play kitchen (and will be making some felt brownies to fit in the square one). 

Also for Eleanor's play kitchen, this is a small pie plate.  Simple milky glass, with a snowflake design in the bottom.  Perfect for making me some pie to "eat."
Eleanor has recently discovered classic Sesame Street (I'm avoiding the newer ones featuring Elmo).  So imagine how delighted she was when we discovered this vintage mug for her...and only $1!
I have my grandmother's hostess/luncheon sets (she hosted a lot of Eastern Star things and played bridge), in this pattern.  This is a small plate, which will be perfect for Nora and I to put tea cake on for our afternoon teas. 

These glasses are made in france (they're a sort of jam jar).  I have smaller ones I use for some makeup pieces, but when I saw the 2 larger ones I knew I needed them for more convenient brush storage.  Previously my brushes were in a square vase with these glass stones, but this makes it easier to pull out my eye brushes when I'm doing my eyes or the face brushes. 

My new rule of thumb with thrift store finds is that I must know what I'm doing with it.  All of these pieces will be used now (or around Christmas/winter time for the platter).  The game table was a splurge (at $50), but something that we will be able to actually enjoy. 

So, thrift them or hate them?  Any great finds you've made?


  1. Love them. I may be partial though since I'm the daughter of an antique dealer, one who delights in the junkier, jam-packed shops. I'm famous within my family for my fudge and usually borrow a pyrex loaf pan for that to set. I have many pieces myself including old glassware. I emailed you about my mom's stands.

  2. You have excellent taste, and I love that tea/luncheon plate. I've been looking for a tea set w/ plates but most I've seen are way too elaborate and covered in flowers. Yours is perfect with just a touch of decorative flowers. Why is it that everyone else but me can find such beautiful things at thrift shops?

  3. Great finds! I've actually never been to a thrift shop, but you've inspired me to find one around where I live and go in to have a look!

  4. Pyrex is the BEST - I need to remember when I'm thrifting to keep my eyes open for it!