Monday, December 9, 2013

Busy Busy Bees

This last month has been a whirlwind of painting walls, painting the fireplace, moving bookcases and furniture and mirrors.  My living room, while still not quite done (painting takes forever....mostly the prep work) looks quite different.  Cozier, a place for a family.  We also moved Nora's playroom up from what originally was her nursery to the open space outside our bedroom.  It was hard, the change of our (mine and G's) space to "ours."  But honestly, it makes so much sense, and it has given G and I more time by ourselves.  Which means I've actually read several books in the last week!

Nora turned 2 a couple weeks ago.  Her party went well, though she got overwhelmed by all the people.  At one point, she grabbed a blanket and curled up on the dogs' bed to just sort of take a time out from it all.  I'm still in awe that I have a 2 year old.  But boy do I have a 2 year old!  She's incredibly strong-willed and self-assured.  There are some days I think I'm in over my head, as I deal with what is clearly a mini me.  But most days I love watching her explore and create.  I just try and keep up.

Coupled with all of that we've had a bad cold for weeks now.  Not sure it's still a cold or if the constant change in weather (from 60's to snowing in a matter of a few days) that has our sinuses out of whack.  Whatever it is, it's left us trying to rest a lot. 

So many things I've been up to, and photos are coming.  This year was rough, but it seems like we've accomplished more in the last few months than we had in the first 4 years of living here!

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  1. You know me, I can't wait to see the photos:) Nora is so blessed to have you both as her parents. She is very well loved by you guys. Cheers to more accomplishments for the days ahead!