Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Coffee On A Snowy Day

We recently picked up some new mugs at Crate and Barrel.  They hold 15 oz and fit into my hands like they were molded for me.  I love the scent of the coffee as it hits me, cozy, warm, harkening me back to when I was a wee little girl sneaking sips of my grandmama's cup.  The heat radiates down through my fingertips, warming my hands.  The taste, like comfort tinged with the bitterness that sometimes comes in life. 

I've always drank coffee.  I honestly cannot remember a time when I haven't.  And though we get some odd looks, Nora drinks coffee as well.  We learned quickly that the only way to keep her little paws off our mugs is to tell her that it is "très chaud" (very hot)*.  That usually works.  I drink mine with a splash of milk, though if we're out I'm not above drinking it black.  G likes his sweetened with a bit of sugar.  I always tease him, and he says I'm already sweet enough so I don't have to use any.  Nora likes to eat chocolate covered espresso beans, so she's not particular if her coffee is sweetened or not (I usually make what we grew up calling coffee milk for her). 

It's snowing hard, G got sent home early, and there is a good chance that tomorrow will be a snow day as well.  I love these times.  The quiet city.  The hot drink warming me.  Simple luxuries that make my life beautiful.

*For some things I use more French than English.  For instance, "listen to me", "very hot", "stop", and "it's finished" (my way of telling her the tantrum is done) are almost always in French. 


  1. Even though I already knew this about you as we're had many a delightful coffee date, I still love this kind of post. Is that the essential mug from Crate&Barrel? If so, I own two and love them too! I have my eye on ramekins there, so I can make individual warm-from-the-oven deep dish chocolate mix cookies with them and serve each a la mode. Doesn't that sound nice on a snowy day too?

    1. *chocolate chip cookies... I mean, looks like I need some coffee too!

    2. Yes, it is the essential mug. Perfect size to curl up with. We also bought Nora her own little child size mug that she's been toting around! Those deep dish cookies sound delicious for this sort of day!

  2. The mug makes such a difference. And I'm a mug and coffee snob. We are having a cold spell here again which I love. The snow? If I don't have to go anywhere and be all cozy at home, yes.

  3. I am about to meet a friend for coffee in a few minutes actually. Simple pleasures are great.

    Is there any energy level changes when Nora eats the espresso beans? Just wondering :)