Monday, January 20, 2014

Style Sunday: Bedding Choices

G and I have been trying to set up a guest bedroom.  First, we tried matching to my grandmama's vintage curtains.  But in the end we realized that in nighttime light, the curtain background was too tan.  But laying in the guest bed, thinking like Pooh Bear (E's current favorite film), I realized that the solution may already be at hand.
This was our bed.  The awesome DwellStudio duvet cover is one G picked out back before Iraq and E.  But, sleeping on the third level of a rowhome, where the heat rises to sweltering, we rarely use the duvet.  Instead, it's simple a pretty bedspread.  **Further, it's shorter than it should have been and it can't tuck in much at the bottom and reach the top well.  So last night I asked G to grab it off our bed and try it on the guest bed.  Turns out that it is the perfect modern pop (without being too modern) to our antique bed.  So, we've decided to try out new options for our own bed.

I found these quilts originally while looking at options for the guest room.  However, I quickly realized I liked them way too much to leave them in a room that will seldom be slept in.  Trying to decide between the two was ridiculously difficult, so we've decided to order them both.  It will allow us to switch it up seasonally if we like.  I like that they are both modern and a nod to the old (with the patterns reminding us of moroccan tile work. 

So, switching up the style of our room, we'll see how it goes.  We both love these sorts of patterns, so perhaps next we'll try stenciling a rug using an ikat pattern? 

**When I e-mailed DwellStudio to complain about this I never got a response from them, so we basically avoid buying their products, particularly ones where size is an issue.

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  1. I like both of those quilts. I use one in the warmer months when I pack away my down comforter.