Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Play Room Nook Design

G and I have been steadily working to make our home feel more like a us, more of a family space.  Only, let's face it.... we're on a thrift store/IKEA sort of budget.  So, it's slow going, as we find the perfect things for our space.

After having Nora's play kitchen in a nook of the play room, we realized it would be better to move it into her room on the second level (the play room is in the open space outside our bedroom on the third level).  By doing so, we originally planned to move my desk from the living room up to in front of the window (how it was when we first moved into the house, only with a different desk).  However, sitting around today I realized that there was a better option: a little bench seat (hiding the kitty litter out of site) in front of the window, with a table in front of that and a couple chairs.

By doing this, it still gives me a space to work while Nora plays.  Very important.  Secondly, she can sit at the table and color or do a puzzle, or sit on the bench and read by the window.  And lastly, it gives us a small "breakfast nook" of sorts.  We can have coffee there and read the paper on Saturday mornings.  Sounds odd, I know, to have a breakfast nook 2 floors up from the kitchen.  But for us, it seems like it might work out to be a highly functional space. 

Here is the design board I came up with tonight:


• The paint color will be Benjamin Moore's Stonington Gray, like most of the house.
Ikea Besta bench, put in under the window to create seating and also hide the litter box.
Ikea Docksta tulip-esque table for a work space and cozy place to chill.
Ikea Bernhard Chairs (2).  The seat is leather, and the base is chrome.
Ikea Lack Shelves on one wall to offer a place for art/photos/etc
Home Decorator's Dovecote pendant light in nickel.


• I will be attempting to DIY a bench cushion from this tutorial by Pretty Handy Girl.  Doesn't her project look pretty?
• I would prefer to DIY some chairs rather than splurging on the leather ones, so I will also be searching for simple wooden chairs to paint similar to these from This Old House:
• The beauty of the dovecote light is that it is a conversion one... meaning it will just screw into our recessed lighting socket that is already there. 

• And finally I'd like to try my hand at making a sunburst spoon mirror in white to add some texture.  This tutorial from Dana Albertson looks amazing!

So there you have it, the plan for later this spring (around April I should be able to get to it!).  I'm excited for some modern pops done in a cozy space.

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  1. I always thought Ikea had the chicest, cleanest ideas for not much money. Starting with Ikea as your foundation, you'll be able to incorporate some unusual thrift store finds to make the space more personal. And a woman armed with the skills to operate a sewing machine can do wonders!