Sunday, January 26, 2014

Style Sunday: Sultra Bombshell

The other day on the Une Vie Chic Facebook page I showed a photo of my hair all curled for the day.  I realized that I love the product enough that I wanted to share about it here!
Back in 2011, before I found out I was pregnant with Nora, I was a wee bit indulgent while G was away.  I splurged on a pricey curling iron called the Sultra Bombshell 1 inch curling iron.  At $130, it was a ridiculous sum, but I had been researching wand curling irons for a bit, and decided to go for it.  G really loves when my hair is all sexy curls, and so I figured he'd appreciate something I might use more often.
Fair warning, it gets HOT.  The pink glove is what you wear to wrap your hand around it without touching it.  The first time I used it I accidentally brushed the top of my forehead with it, and I had a burn mark for a while.  However, the heat is actually it's strength.  I used to curl my hair and by the end of the evening the curl would be falling out.  (I have a lot of thick hair.)  This week, I curled my hair on Thursday morning and it was still going strong up until Saturday afternoon (when I washed my hair).  It literally still had the same curls I had on Thursday, even after running my hands through it a million times....without any styling product to hold it.  I had simply rubbed some Moroccan Oil into my hands before running my fingers through it after it cooled on Thursday to give it a bit of shine.

Another feature I love is that it's cord swivels, so it doesn't tangle.  Makes it easy.  Also dual voltage, so if I travel out of country I can take it with.  And you wrap it up all nicely in a little felt pad that you use to place under it while you're using it (so it doesn't burn your counter).

It took some watching youtube videos about clipless irons, and a couple practice times, but it is super simple to use, and in under half an hour I have sexy curls that are always a nice surprise for G.  Yes, it is pricey, something I had saved for, but I strongly feel I'll be using it for years (and I've already had it for nearly 3).  So it's an investment that has worked well and cut down on time getting my hair curled (it used to take me upwards of an hour with all my hair, now it takes me 20-30 minutes).

So, if you are looking for a great curling iron, I cannot recommend the Sultra Bombshell enough*.  It comes in 3/4 and 1 1/2 inch sizes as well, but I thought the 1 inch was the perfect one for me.

*I was not paid to endorse this curling iron,  nor have I worked with the company (though they can feel free to get ahold of me any time!).  I simply love this curling iron enough that I use it much more frequently than I've ever used a curling iron before!


  1. I love the way you style your hair! Makes me miss my long hair. I've thought about it the last time I was in the States to get a curling iron but in Bangkok only two weeks a year it's cool enough to leave my hair down (though this year it's been going on for two months). So it's not worth it sitting in the closet for the rest of the year...le sigh.

  2. This picture of you is amazing!

  3. Wow, I love your hair and you look gorgeous! Love the length and the curls on you.