Tuesday, February 25, 2014

LIfe As I Know It

This year I've slowed down, tried to be more intentional.  I stop in the middle of a blog post because I have a 2 year old grabbing my hand, ready to set off on wild adventures.  I take time to sit with a hot mug of tea and sew or crochet or knit.  As I type, Nora flips over the end of our sleigh bed and comes up and says, "Hey." It's her soft way of checking in when she's been playing by herself.  She'll repeat it until you acknowledge it if you're in the middle of something.  This time there is no wait, I smile, and say, "Hey love."  She points to the wash cloth I'm crocheting, the one I've told her is for her and says, "Me." 

2013 I spent wanting it to hurry up, for the next stage of life to begin.  And when it didn't, when life was the same, beautiful, but less full than I imagined, I wanted to rush it.  I wanted to hurry along to something, even if I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  Even now, with the balancing act of different baskets (rather than keeping all of our eggs in one), I want to hurry, hurry.  But I force myself to pause.  To acknowledge today and it's beauty. 
So now, I take it slower.  I walk to the park and sit and just watch the clouds while Nora runs like a banshee to go down the slide over and over.  I point out birds or talk about spring being around the corner.  We stomp through the last remnants of snow piles, feeling the icy snow crunch beneath our feet. 
Heart shaped biscuits

Our first year here was slower, and then the year before G's deployment, we were fighting and rushing and then with the pregnancy, the quickness of everything just kept on running along.  This year has been more like the first.  I take time in the small things.  I have my favorite necklaces displayed on our dresser, carefully choosing one each day.  I've read more, relaxed more, and loved more. 
Color matching toys I made for Nora.

Sunday style posts were a bust because honestly the weekends are so full of life that I forget to pause and take photos or blog.  Maybe Sunday supper would be best.  We'll see.  I'm just glad to be living a life full of meaning and intentional steps even if it's only for me and my little family. 


  1. Wonderful post! Love your crochet, the cute little toys you made for Nora, and your attitude! Blessings, Bess

  2. A meaningful life and Sunday suppers beat rushing around any day! You're intuitively sensing what is important, so stay strong.

  3. If there is one thing that I've really learned as I've grown older, is to take my time and to stop and smell the roses :)