Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Beginnings

For those of you who don't follow on Facebook, I've begun a new blog.  It's called Seeking Small, and it incorporates more of my life (which currently involves a lot of Eleanor).  I have loved writing here, and I plan to continue when the whim hits.  But 2 years ago my life got rocked hard by entering mamahood, and I realized that when this blog became more of a discipline to write rather than a labor of love, that perhaps it was time to figure out something different. 

At first, I thought that perhaps I could simply change it up here, but that just didn't feel like a good fit.  I'd write a ton of posts that never got published because it simply didn't feel like the right place.  And so it would be silent here.  I'd try and think of categories, to maybe jog my brain into writing more to no avail. 

After chatting with a friend (Heather from Our Kids Mom....whom I've known since I was a pre-teen) I realized the answer for me really lay in starting over with a new blog.  After much consideration (agonizing really, if we're being honest), I chose Seeking Small because for me, it spoke to bridging the old and new.  I've always tried to seek our small pleasures, small moments in this crazy life.  And the new blog gives me a spot to really dig deeper and be real.  I wanted to create a space where I could celebrate the beautiful mess that my life so often is. 

I know that not all of my readers will be interested in more mama things, and that's okay.  I will occasionally post or cross-post here.  But the majority of my writing will be there and I do hope you'll wander over and check it out. I've felt a peace this week that has been missing when it came to my writing.  It's hard to describe, but I feel like the new blog just feels like home for me.  I want to thank you all for reading and engaging with me both here and on other platforms (and e-mail!). 


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  1. Dear Kate, I completely understand. Motherhood is profoundly fulfilling and puts living well into perspective. I will now click over to your new blog to check it out!