Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Book Review Time


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So I finally finished The Lollipop Shoes by Joanne Harris ( I just discovered that it is called The Girl With No Shadow in the US).  Usually it wouldn't have taken me so long (generally I read several books a day) but I have been reading it sporadically because of scheduling and my overall lack of ability to focus.  

It is a continuation of Chocolat, and for those who do not know Joanne Harris' works, I would start with that one.  In The Lollipop Shoes Vianne has changed names and goes by Yanne.  Instead of pretty dresses, long hair and a big smile, she is quiet, dowdy, and has cut her hair painfully short.  She is trying to hide from the wind, to live a "normal" life.

I really cannot go into too many details because it would give away too much.  Once again it's a great book with each chapter being told by a different person, so often you know secrets that all the other characters do not know yet, so it leads up well.  It took me a while to read the book, but each time I had enough time to sit and read a few chapters I had a horrible time putting it down.  It's a quick read in my opinion, although the paperback version I got from Waterstone's is thick so my hands started hurting from holding it open near the end.  

It takes you back into the world of a chocolaterie, and opens up more of Vianne, showing how much she has given up of herself for her two daughters.  One who doesn't speak, never has, but signs, and another daughter who no longer really speaks to her about anything going on in her life.  In the end Vianne has to choose who she wants to be, dowdy and unhappy Yanne, or her old self Vianne.  And once she decides she has to fight to not lose everything.

I thought it was very well written.  It unfolds beautifully, telling different aspects of the story at the perfect pace.  And as always Joanne Harris has made it very easy to see in your mind as you read, to smell the heady scent of chocolat and cinnamon.  To imagine the clack of the lollipop shoes.  Of course you would want to read Chocolat first, but once you've done that I would highly recommend rushing out and buying this book.  It doesn't disappoint.  


  1. This sounds good. I'll have to read it soon. Thanks for the review.

  2. I am really enjoying Chocolat - it's nice to know I will have another book to look forward to when I finish it. I am really enjoying the sophisticated writing style that makes it a pleasure to read and absorb more slowly. I usually race through book, but whilst I know it is different, I think having seen the movie makes me able to slow down and enjoy smaller portions of the book - much like a smaller piece of good dark chocolate!

    Thanks for the review.