Friday, March 27, 2009


So G is getting baptized and confirmed in 2 weeks, and last night we were talking with some people when they asked us what we were wearing.  Damn, I kind of forgot about that.  Garret says he is fine with just wearing pretty much a similar outfit to our latest "wedding" of a button up and dress pants.  But I am looking at suits.  Unfortunately I am a girl who believes that if you are going to go out and buy one, make it a nice one that will last.  So that being said, I need help!

Do any of my lovely readers know anything about suits?  Brands that the men in your lives prefer?  And for those who don't know too much about them, but are willing to give an opinion, 2 buttons or 3?  I never realized there were so many decisions!  

Garret really would like to get a suit at some point for us to go out to dinner all dressed up. But he doesn't feel any strong need for one for Easter, and I don't want to push him and make him panic.  So far I am loving the buy one get one free in this style by Calvin Klein.  Then we could get him both the black and the charcoal suits and call it a day.  

I also like this by Ralph Lauren and I love that it's navy pinstripe.  


  1. I like both of those suits, but I think the 2 Calvin Klein's is a better deal.

  2. I wear suits every day for work and I am very particular about them. A good suit makes the rest of the outfit look fantastic. So when get a new one to add to the group I make sure it is the best quality, cut and fabric possible. (This may mean it is expensive, but as I wear them each day I get my money's worth and I personally think it is worth it to look and feel good). I buy the full suit (ie: jacket, trousers and skirt) and I take excellent care of them - drycleaning and in between those times being sure to sponge off any marks and hang them correctly.

    So from your post it sounds like G won't be wearing the suit very much - that is, not every day for work or even every fortnight for an event. If that's the case, I think maybe you only need the one suit, and make it a really good one. Get the second one in a few years time when fashions have subtly changed (and not just toe 2 or 3 button issue! I mean length of coat, square or round cut at the bottom of the coat front, colours, splits at back etc. All the subtle things that add age to a suit....)

    The second thing to think of is YOU! I mean, if G really won't be wearing it everyday to work etc, it will only be on good occasions, where YOU will be dressed up too, and right next to him in every photo that is taken. So it would be nice to get something that generally compliments with your wardrobe. EG: if you wear soft variations of greys or complete black outfits (or black on top), then a grey suit would be a lovely compliment. Or if you get the navy pinstripe and you wear alot of black, in photos the difference between the two of you will always show up and his smart pinstripe would work against your simple black. A black suit is a very safe choice (good for funerals, classy for black tie, fine for court/church etc) but tricky if you wear alot of black on your top half. One of two problems occur here, either you both look so dark, or there are many different shades of black, and you don't want a photo showing the two of you in 2 different blacks!

    So you can see it depends on you abit - what do you wear? What colours do you favour for the more formal events?

    After a bit you may see that your tastes change, or you have 2 different sets of colours you wear (darker for more sombre events - funerals, church etc lighter/colourful for others weddings/fetes/christenings/dinners out etc) and then it is the perfect time to get the second suit for G that you didn't get at the start.

    I also recommend buying matching shirts and ties that the stores recommend with the suit. Often the shirt or tie will have exactly the same colour running through it (eg the pinstripe colour will match a stripe of the shirt, or in the tie). Get it now! It's almost impossible to find something as good to match it later. I find this in woman's suits too....the pinstripe matching to a shirt creates a great look together - but it is impossible to find it separately.

    Okay - too much advice there! But I hope it helps. Let me know what you decide!


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