Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Woes

Does anyone ever wish they had a fairy god mother to swoop in when things are difficult and make everything all better?  Hmm.  Just me?

Our car has decided that life has been too easy for us lately and it was time for more trouble.  The Blueberry (as I have begun to call our little blue Peugeot) tried it's hardest to work, but alas no.  So tomorrow will be spent towing our car somewhere to have it looked at, and hopefully fixed.  Please keep your fingers crossed, as we only have 4 months before we move, and the car really only needs to last us that long.  

And now comes a slightly more fun topic.  Clothes.  I love clothes.  I could window shop online for hours just looking at beautiful clothing and shoes.  Which is a good thing, since I am about to minimize my wardrobe to a smaller quantity than I have ever seen it.  

See, the thing is, I am now about 35 lbs smaller than I was a year ago.  Which actually isn't a lot size wise on me (I am indeed blessed to lose it evenly all over).  However it does mean that quite a few items of clothing are too big for me.  A few select items are being kept for when we decide to start a family, but the majority is being boxed up and donated.  This is a big step for me.  I tend to hoard all sizes just in case.  But since I have no intention of going back to some of those clothes, I think it's smart to just rid my closet of them.  Sadness came over me when I realized that some of my favorite items are too big (so I decided I will save those and get them altered) and that some items I had been keeping to fit back into I overshot and are now too big instead of too small.  Yay for losing the weight! Boo for losing the wardrobe.

I will be hopefully taking some pics of outfits soon.  I have been like a kid in a candy shop the past couple of days trying on clothes and figuring out what works together for this summer.  All of my shorts and jeans fit wonderfully, although a lot of my skirts fall off of me.  Thank God I bought a couple cute skirts for the cruise and they still seem to fit.  I am also taking this opportunity to donate things that just don't suit me or my sense of style.  Which is the most difficult part since I tend to have different styles according to my moods.  

And last, my weekend is being consumed by reading.  I am really into a book called The Lost Constitution.  I will be doing a book review when I finish it, but so far so good.  If you like historical novels, it's great.  And this book mixes telling a story from the past as the modern characters go on a treasure hunt of sorts as Congress is up in arms over the right to bear arms.  Fantastic.  And it has sparked quite a few conversations in our house since Garret is mainly Libertarian and they believe in the right to bear arms as staunchly as the republicans, while I am a confused partisan and tend to not like it to be so easy to buy guns.  Not that I am against gun ownership.  I was raised in a family where my dad hunts occasionally, as did my grandfather before him.  And Garret and I will be picking up his rifle and whatnot when we go home.  For that matter I have asked my father-in-law to take me to the range and teach me how to handle a handgun, since we plan on buying one in the near future (locked in a strongly coded box of course).  But I do not like how easy it has become to buy a gun, and I don't think people should be allowed to own some types of guns.  Just my humble opinion.

So, that's my weekend in a nutshell.  This next week I get plenty of time with G, which means plenty of time outdoors.  Today we made hot cocoa and went outside for a bit to read (G is reading Drood, and I might even let him do a guest post about it.....apparently from reading other bloggers reviews, it's good).  This week coming up also means plenty of time to relax, spring clean, and veg out.  Anyone have anything interesting happen this weekend?


  1. Hi, I'm just wondering - why do you plan on buying a handgun?

  2. You should pack up some of your cute clothes and send them to your chubby sister (in-law)!


    This is reminding me of my dress-up day! I loved trying on everything in the cupboard and having it all fit. And making decisions about what to keep based on whether the colour and style made me look fabulous, not only on whether it fit.


    The only cloud on the horizon was the pile of rejected clothes on the bed - some barely worn, others never. I looked at all the money I had wasted there, and determined never to do that again!

    Anyway, sound like it was great fun. Hope you are now getting some funky UK and European clothes to take home with you, so you can wear one-of-a-kind originals back in the US!


  4. Oh - regarding the Fairy Godmother comment - YES! Sometimes it just takes so much time and trouble to be "grown up". It was much more fun to not have to worry about car rego and insurance, organising direct debit for bills and trying to work out all the complicated pipes and resovoirs under the bonnet of the car......