Thursday, March 26, 2009

Twirling and Sunshine

So a week ago, as mentioned, G and I went to the Abbey in Bury St. Edmunds to play and go to the market.  We took lots of fun photos of twirling, dancing, and lying about in the sunshine. 
It was a busy day at the market, especially for a Wednesday!

We picked up some locally made strawberry ice cream. Their raspberry vanilla is to die for in the summertime!

Garret was sitting down reading The Greatest Love Letters that I had brought along while I danced around taking photos.

This is G, after twirling/spinning.  He collapsed.  But don't worry, he seems to be okay, other than the random talking when he's half awake.  But he's always been that odd.

This is the face you make after too much spinning.  Headache and nausea are a dangerous side effect of TMT (too much twirling).

My favorite red flats, they were with me all over the world and are the most comfiest thing on the planet!

G sneaking up on me.....or so he thought!

Ahhh!  He got me!  I look terrified don't I?

Okay, had to throw this one in here.  G likes it for the sunlight, I like it because it shows off my dimples......vain, but true.

And finally a Mallard duck.  I am not allowed to take one and eat one, so I feed them.  I think they get the better end of the deal.

And thus concludes abbey adventures.  Do you like the pics?


  1. I really love the photos. To me they compliment the whimsical nature of the day and the blog post you have written - gorgeous!

    I also love that purple top. It has a gorgeous nectline and looks lovely with the black one over it.