Thursday, March 26, 2009

Your Time Has Come To Shine, All Your Dreams Are On Their Way

So today Garret and I went off on an adventure.  The weather here was what we call "don't like it? wait five minutes!"  Literally we had the sun shining, then rain, then hail, then the sun shining, etc.  Always good days, so of course we braved all of the above (including a horrible downpour) to go to Bury and the abbey.  Then we headed home and stopped off at some charity shops on the way.  In one we hit the jackpot and found Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits for 50p (less than 75 cents for the Americans) in amazing condition!  Now, we already have the music on the iPod, but nothing beats the original vinyl.  G and I want to buy a record player when we get home for dancing around the house, so we are over time picking up some records.  But for now, the iPod will do and we are dancing to some great old school music!  

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