Monday, April 20, 2009

A Day In The Sun

(This is the version of a nicoise salade I made on Friday night)

I know, I know, it's Monday, the picnic was Saturday and I am just now getting around to writing about it at all.  I'm kind of a bad blogger sometimes.  Eh.  But after the picnic it was one adventure after the other, and I just kind of put it all off.  

The picnic was fantastic.  I put on a cute skirt and off we went with our blanket and picnic basket full of yummy goodness.  I had cut up a few carrots into sticks and half an English cucumber.  I made some roasted chicken breast sandwiches on ciabatta bread with tomato.  And I even put a bowl of strawberries in the basket to munch on.  We had almost a full bottle of red left, so in it went as well.  It was a nice day out, the abbey was very crowded with people lying about, picnic-ing or tossing a frisbee or kicking a football.  We found a spot near where we were the last time we had so much fun at the abbey and spread out.  We ate, we drank, and we read a couple newspapers his parents had sent us from back home.  At one point G got made fun of (I heard it, he didn't......but we both giggled when I told him about it!) by a teenager who was saying, "I don't have a picnic blanket.  I don't have a picnic basket.  I'm frou-frou-y, but I am not that frou-frou-y.  Isn't it romantic?  Doesn't it make you want to vomit?"  Imagine that said in a very whiny British teenage voice.  It was quite funny and since it was only the group on teens around we decided that making out on the picnic blanket was a good punishment for them.  

My friend Nancy (who I went on the cruise with) lives there so we usually park our car at her place and walk to the abbey.  We had told her we were going to be in town, and that we might grab some coffee, so when we went back to the car to drop our things off we knocked to see if she was awake and wanted to grab coffee.  She had gone to market earlier, so we sat around and chatted about things going on.  All of us are leaving this summer, around the same time, so it's a busy time.  

Three hours later we were walking out the door to drive to Cafe Rouge for coffee.  I was a tad bit nervous, because it was now nearly 8, and on a Friday night that can be bad.  Sure enough Cafe Rouge literally had one table open, so we grabbed it (it helps that the people who work there love us, so they try to find room for us).  We grabbed some coffee and a banana and chocolate crepe.  Delicious!  And it was a good boost for the night because everyone we love there stopped to chat and I got a couple comments about how pretty my skirt was.  It's going to be hard when we leave, since I love finding a place where you get to know the people.  It makes it's sad to say goodbye.

After that we went home and decided that we wanted to head out for drinks and maybe try to find some live music or dancing.  We ended up at a pub about 15 minutes away, but when we sat down with our drinks we realized that everyone was more sexily dressed, and the DJ was playing more hip hop/dance music.  We downed the drinks and then headed back to base (told you it was an adventure) where I proceeded to change out of my skirt, shirt and flats into long jeans, a tank top with shrug and some high heels.  I also completely changed my make-up and curled the ends of my hair.  I'm quick, so half an hour later we were back at the pub drinking and dancing the night away.  I had a blast, but it's been a while since me and heels hit the dance floor (and got low, low, low on the dance floor) so my thighs have been sore ever since.  It was worth it though.

(This is us before heading back out, I had drank a pint very quickly, so I must admit I look a little dazed.)

On the way home we stopped of at a roadside stand and got chips and a cheeseburger with grilled onions which while horribly unhealthy was fantastic.  Then we crashed on the couch, calling our families and chit chatting before finally heading to bed to pass out.  

Yesterday we stayed in bed most of the day discussing some things coming up.  And now G just left to go back to work after stopping in for lunch and working out.  Today I need to clean some more, as I continue to get the house ready to move.  I know I said I would post about changes, but that will have to wait until next time, this post is already so long!

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  1. GORGEOUS SKIRT! And the beads! I love your abbey outfit - simple, elegant and fun. Perfect for a picnic!