Thursday, April 23, 2009

Feeling Sexy

I am loving my life lately!  I am now officially too small for some of the clothes I wore on my honeymoon.  My shorts I wore today are cute, but they are slung low, because that's the only place they fit!  I've been a wee bit excited about it!  And after weighing myself last night for the first time in about a week and a half I realized that I am really close to weighing the same as I did when I was 13!!!  Okay, yes, I was a bit overweight at 13, but I haven't seen these numbers on the scale in over a decade, so I am get to be thrilled.  

And because of that I am becoming more than a bit obsessed with trying on my clothes and putting new combinations of outfits together.  And shopping.  Yesterday while in Bury we stopped in at Noa Noa, one of my favorite stores that is based in Denmark (it's where I got my purple dress I wore on Easter).  And I found the most amazingly cute linen dress and leather belt.   (please excuse how tired I look in the photo it was nearly 3 in the morning).

However, now that I have this dress I want this bag.  I think it would be great on the plane home this summer.  But with plans to possibly being buying our first home and eventually getting around to having babies, should I be splurging on a purse that I probably don't really need?  (G is being completely supportive and thinks I should get it, but Im the one who has buyer's guilt)  And I also need to figure out what shoes to wear with this dress.  I could do a simple dark brown leather or I could punch it up with a bright green or purple.  Or I could pull on a gladiator (which I desperately want for this summer).  Hmm, any suggestions?

Lately I have been feeling more relaxed about myself.  It helps that everything fits (or is too big, but that's less frustrating than everything being tight), so I  no longer have the days where I cry and refuse to go anywhere like I'm 5.  And I have been feeling sexier.  I've been making more of an effort.  Currently I am trying to curl my hair some days since G likes it and it gives my hair more body.  And I am playing with make-up trying to figure out what really works for me and how to apply it (I'm usually the quick make-up consisting of maybe a cream eyeshadow, some mascara and lipgloss type of girl).  And I have been realizing that when my life is chaotic (and really, when is it not? I try to stay away from that stuff on here) I feel more uneasy, so I have been allowing myself to relax more and not answer the phone if I don't feel like it, or just go on a walk to de-stress.  So far so good.  

What are ways you de-stress?


  1. Bravo! You look great and confident too!

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss! Did you do it by eating the French Chic way?

    My week has been long and I need to relax, so I'm going home to read a book on my deck and enjoy the weather. (We had snow on Tuesday and now it's 86 degrees. Tomorrow will be a thunderstorm.)

  3. Great dress. Great necklace. The bag is also lovely. Just as a sidenote, I always used a big leather purse as a "diaper bag" so don't let that aspect stop you!
    Kristi from FC

  4. I vote you get the bag! (I usually always support shopping!). But if you have worked out a great outfit - dress, belt, matching shoes, bag, jewellery and a great hairstyle and makeup that suits it - it is a great thing to have! I have about 4 "outfits" (but many other clothes!) each "outfit" is perfectly put together, everything matches, looks flattering on me, and it is such a godsend to have. For example one is a more formal "outfit" and I have a wedding this weekend. So I know I don't need to frantically shop for anything, I already have the perfect outfit (head-to-toe!) for both it and another more casual, but equally well-put-together outfit, for the brunch the next day.

    Every now and then I replace a key bit of the outfit to change it up, which keeps them fresh and in style, but always on "my terms" - that is, when I see something in stores I like, not running around trying to find something the week before a big event.

    So Yes! get the bag!