Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tiny Little Things...

Make me so dang happy!  A couple days ago I won an ebay thing for a Gerard Darel clutch in varnished cherry.  It's deliciously the color of a cherry blow pop (to my recollection, it's been years since I had a blow pop).  And it should be arriving either today or tomorrow!  Pics will ensue once it arrives! 

And I should mention that while I plan to do a more serious and in depth post later to answer some questions about how I have been slimming down, this week has been fun with long talks at outdoor tables while drinking coffee.  And I should mention a little ol' thing like turning 25 this Saturday.  

Yes, I am going to officially be a quarter of a century old!  And I am a tad bit thrilled.  Just a wee bit.  There is a international antique show (with vendors showing wares from all over Europe) this weekend, with a live auction on my birthday evening.  After we finish with that though, it will be dinner, champagne and dancing (if things get over early enough for dinner).  And the best part is I am taking my new clutch out on the town!

Now, what to wear to accessorize the new pretty?  Hmm, I don't want to have to do any shopping because at this rate, what's the point.....nothing is really going to fit after a while and I already have a nice pile of things that need to be/will need to be altered.  So perhaps I will go bold and wear a short LBD I have been too nervous about wearing out.  It would be perfect for a night of being on my feet and dancing.  I will post pics when I decide.

And on a slightly more serious note, if you pray or send good intentions out or whatnot, please keep us in your thoughts.  G tests for the next rank this Friday!  And while he's been studying for months (and that's actual studying not "studying") and he assures me he's not nervous in the least bit, I am.....so at least think of me!  

I have been loving the comments lately, so keep them coming!  I'm even planning to take some advice to heart very soon!

*EDIT* Dinner will be Friday night after G's test.  I have a birthday certificate for a bottle of champagne (real champagne, oooh) at Cafe Rouge.  It would have been cutting everything really close had we gone Saturday night, so we are skipping ahead one night.  And G also called about an hour ago from work to remind me that he has a week off because of our anniversary (something he insists on is not working that day) and I had completely forgotten, so it was like an early birthday gift!


  1. Sending good thoughts for the test, birthday wishes to you and congrats to you on your ebay win!!!

  2. Ah! I should have read this post first! I guess it's a "no" on the other bag, now you have your new cherry one! It sounds gorgeous.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Saturday, and wishing good luck to G on the test.