Friday, April 3, 2009


Our car is fixed and we are heading in a bit to pick it up!  Woohoo!

Due to lack of car G and I have been walking everywhere.  Yesterday total we walked around 5 miles, which while it is only a couple miles more than we usually walk, I definitely felt it worked off anything I ate!  We stopped off at the park here on base to take pics of the ducks.  I love how protective the males are right cute the little duck couples are.  

(One of the planes we have on display here)

I have been making more of an effort to dress in clothes I love everyday.  Today I threw together this outfit quickly.  Comfy jeans, comfy tank top, and a cardigan over it because today is quite overcast.  A simple beaded headband to make me look like I did something with my hair.  And some red shoes to add a punch of color! (actually as G was taking the pic he commented that he really liked the red shoes with it.....which is nice because he's not the guy to notice those type of things!)

This weekend will be fun, I think.  If the weather is nice I think we will finally have our picnic in Bury.  And we might even bring the lovely Sophie along so she can romp and introduce herself to every child within a five mile radius.  

Lately I have been kinda deep in thought about crap that is going on in our lives, and the lives of those we know.  Lots of planning, lots of plotting.  And of course the occasional admittance that "thou shall not kill" is pissing me off lately, because I could name a bitch or two who really need to make better uses of their lives.  Apparently I need to go to confession.  But as G and I begin the next chapter of our lives it annoying to realize that as much as I would love to shut everyone else's crap out of my life, they're family, and it just isn't easy to have their problems not affect you.   

So I am trying to think positive.  I have a husband who is wonderful and thinks the best days are days spent with me.  I have a family who is extremely tight and we go to battle for one another when needed.  I have great friends who when I come home this summer better be ready to go out and dance the night away.  I have a neighbor who is great for the self-esteem......pretty much every time I see her she comments that I am getting so skinny and my outfits are cute!  And last, but of course not least, I have my health, I have my sanity (thus far) and I have a belief that life is overall pretty damn fantastic.  


  1. You look amazing Kalee. You are tiny. I miss you so much.

  2. You look gorgeous! I love the look of the winding English paths and ducks there!