Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Awesome Finds

Lately I have been a bit (okay, maybe a lot) charity shop happy. Since I finally figured out what I want our home to look like, I am now on the lookout for pieces that I feel would be fun and work well in our home. And thank God I have an understanding husband who likes old things too, because he let's me get away with murder. So I thought I would take a few minutes and share some of my new finds with you.

We picked up 4 of these champagne saucers for a pound! I am so excited to whip up a champagne punch for a soiree in our home!

A blue cut glass decanter we picked up for another pound! The plastic stopper seal was breaking from age, so I ripped it off, and we are looking for a way to replace it.

If not, we think they would make a kick ass pair of vases. The little one could be a bud vase for breakfast in bed, and the big one would be perfect for a couple of hydrangea blossoms.

We picked this little framed portrait for 50p. I want to paint the frame and use it in the living room or foyer.

This cut glass little pitcher is one of many pitchers we have picked up over here. I actually picked this up for free (great price, right? I have several glass pitchers and one heavy crystal one I've picked up for around that cost). We use the other little one we have for maple syrup when we make pancakes and french toast. It will be nice to have 2 so we can have maple syrup and a fruit syrup (blueberry or strawberry) as well.

We picked up this little container for free as well. I was whoa excited because it matches the candle holders we have for our living room window.

So my plan is to use a spare room's closet to keep a little plastic drawer of things to mix up the decor around the house. That way I don't get bored, but can keep from feeling the need to do a huge re-do. Our style can be slightly eccentric for our age. At 25 we sometimes like older things a bit too much, but we must confess to liking classic style. And I like to think it's going to be a blast throwing an old fashioned cocktail party once our home is all decorated with champagne saucers, cocktails and (hopefully) records playing in the background.


  1. Thank you! It's my favorite purchase recently. Our original purpose for buying it was to use it to keep cold water in the refrigerator, but unless we can fix the stopper, I think it will have to change uses.