Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Went To Bed

And bumped my head.

Yeah, I am feeling like an old person today. I fell back on the couch last night and smacked the base of my skull on the arm of the couch. Somehow managed to land on the wood underbase hard enough that 12 hours later I still feel like crap. We ran to the ER because I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep but was afraid to. Head injuries freak me out, and thanks to the Natasha Richardson accident this year, they now really freak me out.

So off we ran to the ER where the doctor said I was probably okay, but to just watch it. The nurse had told Garret that the first 24 hours were critical so to try and watch me and make sure I was able to be woken up every couple of hours. G is a very good watcher. And when we finally woke up a bit ago he went and got Taco Bell while I laid in bed trying to relax, but hurting too much too. My head is still throbbing, and my neck muscles are sore from tenseness. And strangely it's cause sinus issues, so I feel floaty and stuffed up. They gave me tylenol and motrin at the hospital, and wow, that seemed to work quite well at the time! Probably because I don't like to take tylenol even when I chop part of my finger off (which happened the first day I was living in England).

So here I am, trying to keep calm and carry on.


  1. Oh babe, I know exactly how you feel! During our Saturday performance of Oklahoma we messed up one of our lifts which resulted in my head slamming into the ground. I had a huge knot and headache for 3 days. I didn't move off the couch the entire next day! I hope you get to feeling better! And at least a headache is all you got! :)

  2. So since I bumped my head, you thought you needed to, also?? lol I hope you are feeling better by now. I didn't feel good at all yesterday, but feel much better today.

  3. That sounds awful! I wish you a speedy recovery.

  4. Thanks everyone! I am feeling much better, and today I don't even have a headache!

  5. Look after yourself!