Saturday, June 27, 2009

I know I've been absent lately. We're switching to nights, and it's exhausting. But hopefully I will have some pics up soon of what I am doing with the furniture we've acquired. We picked up the tea trolley today and I am whoa excited to get started on it and paint it for a drinks cart. I was very happy to note it is a good height.

*EDIT* After examining the trolley in the kitchen I have decided it probably will not be tall enough for a drinks cart. However, for 5 pounds, it will be a wonderful little thing for our closet to be able to pull out when I need it. I am thinking of painting it a bright white, lacquering it and then using it to store some of my going out shoes, jewelry and other accessories. That way when I am getting dressed up and trying to decide on things it can be wheeled out for me.

On another note, for those of you with children I think a trolley would be a fantastic little spot for learning toys to be wheeled out for "school." I am planning on doing a pre-school in our home, and possibly kindergarten and 1st grade (all for our own children, since I do have most of an elementary ed degree with those ages being the emphasis), so it appeals to me.

And after thinking about it I also think the trolley would do wonderfully at it's purpose of being a tea trolley for when I have girlfriends over and we are taking tea in the sitting room. It would be able to hold tea, cakes, sandwiches and make it so I wasn't constantly getting up.

(Can everyone tell my mind runs something close to 500 mph? Seriously all of that was typed within less than 3 minutes. I change my mind a lot!)


  1. I love the idea of that being a tea tray for a lovely afternoon tea! It can hold the plates of petit fours, delicate sandwiches and teapot...gorgeous. I would like to come round and have tea now!

    Hey - are you thinking of home schooling for the first few years - was that what you meant by having your own Kindergarten, Year 1 etc?

  2. Sorry - that was me above!