Sunday, July 26, 2009

50 Things I Unabashedly Love

Starting off with 1-10:

1. My husband. He's asleep right now, I'm looking at pics from yesterday. And all I can think is how did I get so lucky? He went from being my geeky best friend to my hot, confident husband. And it amazes me every. single. day. (love the pic? we were in a charity shop and I wanted to see if he resembled Charlie Chaplin. Hat was too small, but he was a good sport.)

2. God. Yep, I do. Lately He has been amazing to me, reminding me that everything will be okay. For the first time in a long time I can think of death and not have a panic attack. Baby steps.

3. Coffee. It's bad for me, with the amounts I drink. The doctor says it will make it harder to have kids someday if I don't cut back or give it up. But I drink it black these days with a tsp of sugar, and there is nothing greater than drinking copious amounts of coffee while relaxing around the house.


Image from Martha.

4. Food. I've accepted that I will probably never be uber tiny because quite frankly life is too damn short to tell yourself no to everything all the time. I don't do over processed crap, but I am going to enjoy my pizza and ice cream occasionally.


Image from Martha.

5. Velvet tufted sofas (or headboards, or whatever really). Love them. And I've convinced G that they're fantastic, so when it's time to recover my grandmama's couch he's on board with the velvety goodness.


6. Wallpaper. I am truly my grandmama's child. Except I think she loves it a little too much. I want a really beautiful wall paper as an accent wall.


Ribbed Wall Paper, by Ferm Living. All wallpapers found at Heritage.


Birds by Kreme.

7. Cuban Afro Salsa Music. Soundtrack to Havana Nights? Well, it's been missing for a year or so, but I'll download it again if I have to. This stuff makes me turn the music up and car dance. I love getting lost in the beats.


Image from Amazon.

8. Cheesy love stories. Be it books or films, I cannot help loving love.


Image from Made By Girl.

9. Being a wife. I suck at it majorly most days, but I keep trekking on. It's the best job ever, and I constantly aim to improve.


10. Luxe fabrics. Velvet, silk, linen, organic cotton. These things just feel so nice against your skin.

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