Saturday, July 25, 2009

Today Was A Day To Twirl (and in fact I did)

Garret and I went to Bury today and ended up doing a bit of shopping (and getting a double scoop of the locally made butterscotch ice cream that is to. die. for.). I did a bit of twirling with G as it was a beautiful day and we were trying to soak it all in.

Best ice cream. I was nice and shared....a little.

Beautiful building in Bury, would love a townhouse that looked like this!

There were quite a few half off stores, and I was pleased as punch. G ended up convincing me to get the quilted shoulder bag/clutch (the chain detaches) that I have been eyeing since January. And we had 60 GBP to burn in Javelin, so fate drew me upstairs to the nicer section. I saw a dress on a mannequin, but couldn't see it anywhere else. It just happened to be exactly 60 GBP, so I turned to the sales assistant and asked if there were any more. Oh yes, just one. And it happened to be in one of the sizes I always try on! (notice I didn't say "my size" because here in this country I am constantly doing the numbers in my head. I'm a 12/14 American, so I am a 14/16 British, and you never know what will fit) Now the dress is kind of girly, but I had grabbed a large leather belt that zips up the front to try on as well and in the dressing room got the brilliant idea to put it on the dress. It took a pretty dress to wow! The sales associate loved the pairing (maybe I should work in fashion ;)?), and when I whipped out my new purse with the gold details that tied into the gold zipper on the belt? Well it was like fashion heaven, and we began chatting, because the woman's mother has been eyeing that bag.

Another lambskin jacket that looked amazing on G! I asked the sales associate we always deal with to write down the information for me.....maybe a Christmas/birthday gift?

This is the chair outside of the women's dressing room at Javelin. I am in love with it.

The actual dressing room. Makes me want to lounge.

So we got the dress (and the belt that made it), and headed home. When Garret opened my door to let me in the car this older woman who was working in her flowers across the street yelled over to G "It's so nice to see a young man do that nowadays. Well done!" Garret got into the car with a big grin on his face. The fact is, G opens my door for me to get out and in usually, just part of his charm.

When we got home I was trying on the items, and I grabbed the purple purse. I asked if it went with it, since I was wearing a brown camisole and a yellow cardigan. His response was "well purple and yellow are on opposite sides of the color wheel, so it looks fantastic." God I love this man! He's partially colorblind (has trouble seeing varying shades, for example magenta and red don't look much different to him) and I've used the color wheel as examples before, and he listens!

Now it's Sunday here and I think I'm going to grab a slice of pizza for breakfast!


  1. That jacket looks amazing on him. I can't wait to see pictures of your outfit.

  2. Yeah, where's the picture of your new outfit??

  3. What a fantastic day! And I love both your yellow cardigan and the black jacket on G (and that teal velvet seat....)

    But I agree - where are the pictures of your new outfit???