Monday, September 28, 2009


My nail color....not Russian Navy.  Which is good since G kept jokingly telling me that that would make my grandfather turn over in the ocean.  (since my argument for the reason I think he should have joined the navy always reverts back to my grandpa, who was a navy submariner)

I was painting my toes the same color tonight having decided I LOVE this color.  G says it's sexy.  Go figure, I was worried it would appear too emo.  I look at the bottom and see it says Light My Sapphire.  Then I remembered that Russian Navy was too royal blue-ish. 

So, if anyone is interested, there ya go. If anyone knows of a good charcoal grey or concrete color let me know! 


  1. Suzi skiis in the pyranees is a pretty grey color by opi. And yes, I know most names of nail polish, give me a break I work at Beauty brands. Lol.