Monday, September 28, 2009

One Year

I was searching through old comments trying to find a blogger who had commented once whose blog I had enjoyed but lost track of.  And scrolling down to the first post ever it hit me.

Holy Crap.  It's been a year today since I posted my first blog post, Becoming Who You Are.

Really?  A year?  

Am I the same? 

Well, I still like the nice things in life.  Champagne still tickles my fancy, and I own even more silk, linen, cashmere and lace then I did then.  

I'm currently having to hunt down a new affordable bordeaux to drink regularly, since I haven't seen my old love since England.

We plan on having a coffee table with actual coffee table books in the new house.  I am more excited about that than you could possibly know!

However I still don't own an Hermes scarf.  Damn. (not from lack of trying, but I am particular about what pattern I want, so we always leave the stores empty handed)
(I am really wanting the one Les Cles with keys all over it, and a scarf that had tassels on it.....the key one is easy to find, but hard to find in the colors I want, a deep navy blue or black all over with silver or gold keys.)

(this scarf can be found on ebay here)

But I am so different than who I was a year ago.  I've allowed myself to change, to accept who I am.  I'm more in love with G than ever.  Because what I never shared was that a year ago I was on the phone with my family trying to figure out how to get the hell out of England and my marriage.  That's hard for me to write, but it's what it was.  

I'm looking at moving into the inner city.  I'm exhilarated and terrified.  I'm pretty sure it won't be permanent, but who knows?  We may love it.  

Still no babies, and that's ok.  We go back and forth trying to decide the right time.  We thought it was sooner, now we think it might be later.  There's a lot of life here in this city and we're too preoccupied letting the rhythm pulse through our veins.

I'm braver than I was a year ago.  I wanted to be me, but was still scared.  Now I am who I am.  My family and friends have learned the hard lesson that they either have to accept it or move on.  I don't have time for people who want me to fit into a mold of who they think I should be.  

And I've gotten to know some amazing bloggers out there.  I've e-mailed for recipes, advice, or to compliment them on the fantastic women that they are.  I've struck up a friendship with someone on the other side of the world (hi J!) who rocks.  I've kept my sanity (which G loves this blog for).  

One year.  A blink.  My how time flies.


  1. I have a coffee table book about classic movie stars that I could send you. Email me if you want it.

  2. Kalee I really enjoy reading your entries. They truly are inspiring! Especially to someone else who is going through similar situations and feelings that you did as well. :)

  3. Bobbi Janay, I need to e-mail you about hair advice, so I will do all that in the morning. The book sounds great....I love old movie stars!

    Laura, thank you. I always worry the blog is too narcissistic (but then again, aren't they all?) so it's good to hear that other people not only like the posts, but find them useful.


    If I lived close I would take you out for coffee and cake to celebrate! But instead I will have to settle for saying that in the last year I have done the following things, which I never would have without your blog.......(some little, some small - but all make life better!):

    - bought an iMac Pro instead of taking the safe option and updating with another PC

    - used baking soda on my impossible-to-shift grime on my stove top - only to see how amazing and sparklingly it looks for so little effort!!!

    - considered abandoning my teflon pots and pans (I never knew there was any debate about it's use 'til your blog....)

    - am beginning to get turned around on the idea of thrift shopping when I see some of your finds.....but this one may take awhile...

    - found a great friend... and many other things!

    Congratulations on a great blog!