Sunday, September 27, 2009


Today is one of those days.  Beautiful.  Serene.  Puffy white clouds, sunshine.  G and I had lunch at Panera (can I just say their black bean soup is delicious, but do like I did and ask for some red onion to put in it----I took red onion rings and chopped them up and mixed in).  Then before heading out into the warm light we picked up a pain au chocolat to enjoy.  We drove back to the hotel, sat on a bench and shared the treat.  Simple things, but good things indeed.

I think we're both still tired from yesterday.  The day before we had gone to Old Navy and picked me up 2 dresses, a skirt, a tank top, t-shirt, a one-shoulder shirt and a cardigan for about $35.  Not bad.  I am still trying to pair down my closet but needed some clothes that fit a bit better.  And a dress for less than $5 that I had tried on and liked before?  A nice little pick me up.

Yesterday we went out just to get out.  We didn't necessarily need anything, but wanted to look around.  First we went and had a late breakfast at Clementine.  They had a homemade sausage that had corn and mushrooms in it that was like nothing I have ever had before....I kept stealing bites since it was G's.

We hit up Off Broadway, a shoes store I had never heard of, and I picked up some cute (and oh so comfortable!) grey suede ankle boots.  

We stopped in at a beauty store for me to finally pick up some new nail polish.  A bottle of Russian Navy later and we were out the door.  Painted my nails today and I LOVE this color.  I've always been afraid of darks, but it looks great against my pale skin.  I'm currently looking for a charcoal grey color next.

We stopped in the Gap outlet.  I picked up a nice, semi-nautical blue and white dress that I plan to rock this fall (just adding in some warmer tones).  I first picked it up in a large, but realized quickly that while the large was fine for now it would be too loose by Christmas.  However, my thing is to not buy for the future, it needs to fit, but went ahead and tried on a medium.  Well lo and behold it fit!  It will definitely look better as I slim down (since I like these style of dresses to be more loose and swishy), but it works for now too.  

(it's hard to see on the hanger, but it is a very drapey dress, with loose sleeves, and a nice, defined waist.)

The Limited was having a 40% off everything in the store, including clearance.  Nice, but since the only thing I had was a medium size dress that I doubted I could get into, I wasn't that excited.  But when it fit I was almost jumping for joy.  I've been looking for a simple, but not boring, long casual dress, and this will work beautifully.  Especially next summer when I am hoping we will have a backyard set up ready for a Spanish BBQ (sangria, tapas, oh yes!).  

And finally we dropped into the Saks 5th Ave outlet and it was there that G finally found some sunglasses.  He has such a long and narrow face that it's been a difficult search.  But of course D&G came through for us.  His first fashion love, I say.  Now my only conundrum is how to justify getting the Ray Bans I want, since my justification used to be that they were unisex and we could see how we both looked in them.  

The day is still young, and the sun still glorious in it's light.  G wants to go for a "stroll".  His word, not mine.  And I am in my new skirt that calls for twirling.


  1. I LOVE the first picture in this blog with the bench. To die for. And the shoes and shirt are both fabulous!!! :)Good job!

  2. Thanks, Laura. G loves any shirt/dress that exposes my shoulder. It's a sexy thing, apparently. And G took the bench pic. That one was more posed, but only because I was enjoying the sun and G came and snapped a pic from the side, but it didn't show up very well (shadows and all, so I had to re-relax as I was).