Friday, September 4, 2009

My Husband Rocks Friday!

I really need to keep up with this. My husband rocks because he gets as giddy as I do about the possibility of buying a house and making it our home. We do what we like to call the house dance which goes something like this:

Jumping around in a dance similar to a Native American rain dance. Singing we're gonna get a house! We're gonna get a house! Whoo!

(I really need to videotape this spectacle!)

We went today to spend some time in what we hope will eventually be our new neighborhood. Baltimore is fantastic and this little neighborhood is right up our alley. A review of a great little locally owned restaurant will be coming soon! We drank local coffee and ate food made from local produce. Yummy!

And the house, oh my goodness, the houses. I know we are a tight budget of what amount we are willing to go into debt. The realtor has made that clear. But oh these sweet little homes! And they are within walking distance to the big Catholic church that even has a belltower. And we can walk to the restaurants. It's a beautiful thing..

So we are doing a lot of praying, and you pray, please feel free to add us to your list! I felt at home in this nice urban neighborhood. And what I want more than anything is for us to feel at home.

G is fantastic, he let's me get excited. He gets excited with me. I cannot wait to really get into this whole thing with him. We go to tour the homes tomorrow!