Monday, September 7, 2009

Open Your Eyes

There IS beauty all around. In the small, the insignificant. In the breathtaking natural occurrences.

What I have seen and experienced this week in the little neighborhood we are wanting to find a home in:

A man painting in one of the local parks.

A mass in the quiet sanctuary basement chapel of this church (the church is huge, and a school, but Saturday mass is in a smaller chapel). The priest seems like such a gentle man, quiet, but what he has to say really hit me, possibly because of it's quiet delivery.

Chatting with a waitress at the local restaurant about the neighborhood. Friendly staff, great food, amazing coffee? I think I found home!

( I believe this is the owner in the background)

This looks kinda messy, but it was delicious! eggs, tortilla, sweet corn, their bacon, homemade salsa with cilantro and lime. Lime on egg? I was a little weirded out, but it turned out to taste amazing!!!

Garret had a breakfast casserole with bacon, eggs, mushrooms, cheese and onion. And the cheese grits the owner makes? OMG. All I can say, I am a convert.

A rainbow that we could see the ends of it on both sides, clear as day. This isn't the best pic, but we didn't have our camera on us when we saw the best shot.

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