Friday, September 4, 2009

Not Looking

I want to feel free, to be unafraid of the future, to find forgiveness from the past, and hope for what is to come.

I want to jump headfirst into this crazy life I lead.

To accept what my life is, instead of being jealous, or hoping for a different life.

So we're jumping.

We're taking risks.

No longer playing it safe.

No longer waiting for the "perfect" time that never seems to come.

We're going to free fall into the fantastic.

Gonna feel alive, pulsing with the wonder that this life is ours.


  1. Beautiful thoughts and beautiful pictures. Did you take them on your trip East?

  2. Way to go Kalee! I'm proud of you. Good luck on the new beginning.

  3. MIL ~Yep, took them as we headed out of town in Missouri.

    Thank you Bobbi Janay and Ciara. I am excited!