Sunday, September 13, 2009

Needing Opinions

I really do find laundry to be relaxing. But over the past couple years I let G take over that task more and more, since our laundry was on the main level, and our bedroom was upstairs. Pure laziness, but that coupled with how cold the tile got in the laundry room, and how noisy the washing machine in England was (it literally would walk across the floor) I simply let him do it. We don't do a lot of laundry, we can get away with doing it about once a week.

In our new home (!) the laundry closet is right outside of our bedroom. However, the only appliances this house does not come with are a washer and dryer. I was afraid I would have to buy a pre-stacked one, but nope, turns out I can buy front loaders and an adapter to stack them.

So now I'm lost as to which to get. We won't close for another month, so I have plenty of time to do research but want to hear from you, my lovely readers. Do you have a preferred brand? A front loader you absolutely love?

The ones we have looked at are:

GE King Sized Washer


Maytag Super Capacity Washer



  1. We have LG front loaders and have loved them. We bought one as an "open item" at Best Buy so they don't quite match (the dryer is bigger than the washer, which works out fine) but we saved a TON of money by doing it. We have never had a single problem with the dryer, we have had a problem with the washer because the filter was not getting cleaned (no one ever told us it had to be cleaned). Now that we know how to empty the filter it's been fine!

    Hope that helps a little - there are all sorts of fun things like this that come with buy a house. Congratulations on the new house!! :)

  2. I don't have a front loader but I do have a maytag that get abused and used all the time and it never breaks. I have a strong dislike for GE products due to bad experiences with a refrigerator and would not buy another GE appliance.

  3. Thank you ladies for the advice. I think G is leaning towards the Maytag since his parents have had such good luck with them. But I've heard amazing things about LG appliances! And I didn't know you could buy an open item, but I assume that's like the floor model?

    And cleaning the filter of a washer is not something I've ever heard of.....great to know! I'll have to make sure I ask the sales people about that!