Saturday, September 12, 2009

They Accepted!

The seller accepted our offer. This was not a surprise, and yet we were still on edge. We did the happy dance. Then bounced around. And did the happy dance again.

We still have to finalize the bank approval, get the inspections done and get an appraisal. If anything turns up then we have to negotiate. But we're hoping to move quickly, since we're all aiming to close in a month. That was after talking to the bank, so we'll see.

So much goodness right now. We're going to be living in the city that G's ancestor he was named for thrived in. He owned an inn, and was one of the first real leaders in St. Mary's (a town right near Baltimore). And with the house being built in 1900 we're all wrapped up in the idea of the history of it all. We have plans to try digging through archives for pics of the house and area from the early 20th century. If we find any we are going to blow them up and frame them for the house. I cannot wait to really start posting some pics!

Does anyone know where we can find those really popular posters of cities where the map is made of words? I know I saw one on a blog, so I will keep searching!

*EDIT* Well, darn. Apparently they are doing more cities, but while they have D.C. and Philly, Boston and Brooklyn (and some others) they don't actually have Baltimore yet. Eh. I can wait.

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