Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Friday!!!

So that means I should probably post why my husband rocks before the clock turns midnight. Procrastination? I had good reasons!

But anyways, why does G rock? Because he's a fool for me. Whether it's blowing lots of kisses in public. At a gas station. In our small hometown where people talk. Or he's doing his iguana impression and charging me to smooch the crap outta me.

Or this morning. Where I was lying on his chest and he tucked his head down further between the pillows. That and the way he was holding the blankets reminded me of a gopher. Which is now a new nickname. But boy was he cuteness. He's the best sleepy eyed goofball in the mornings. He rarely wakes up grumpy, instead he's like a little boy. Melts my freakin' heart.

So with his permission, I just thought I would share.

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