Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good Morning Baltimore!

Last night I had a fever, my face was bright and flushed, my head was pounding and I had stomach cramps. I thought to myself, no way in hell am I missing the farmer's market. G and I don't really take medicine that often, so while we had some at our house (it got packed up) we haven't bought any since arriving in the US. So I had to will myself better, because I didn't think it was worth going to the store late at night for. I relaxed in bed with an ice cold wash cloth on my forehead, and woke up this morning (after a couple hours of sleep) feeling much better.

So off we headed to the Baltimore Farmer's market, which is the epitome of this city, as it's under an underpass. I literally almost cried from being so overwhelmed by feeling suddenly at home. The people, the smells, the pulse and rhythm of it. We bought grape tomatoes, perfectly ripe. Pluot plums with green stems still attached. Ginger gold apples from a stall that apparently accepts WIC, good info to know in the future. We also picked up a quart of local milk for 2.50, with a 1.50 charge added on that we'll get back when we return the bottle. I have to say it was the only thing I wasn't in love with, but not bad to try it for a dollar. We planned on getting a cup of Zeke's coffee, but after realizing we would be in line for 20 min, we changed our minds. Next time we need to get to the market earlier!

We also ate a croissant when we first arrived, and for lunch ended up getting the most amazing turkey burger I have ever had. Let me tell you, that man who makes them and I have a standing appointment every Sunday for the next 4 years! They also had a habanero hot sauce that had perfect flavor, not too spicy for me, but leaves a tingle on your tongue. When we move into the new house I will need a bottle.

This week is going to be a whirlwind of scheduling inspections, the appraisal, faxing in the contract the to bank, and G goes back to work. Which we found out tonight is going to be a different office. Great. I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying hard for a day job. He said it perfectly tonight when I asked what's wrong, "I don't know if we could survive shift work again." It's sad, but I would rather have a husband gone all the time, deployed, then go through the hell of shift work again. Especially moving into a neighborhood where I am a little scared how it's gonna go. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

But, we're optimistic, and G told me tonight as I was dancing around the hotel room that before we move the furniture into the new house, he wants a night to just dance around. The whole lower level has gorgeous dark hardwoods, and I cannot wait to spin around with him on them. We need to hunt down an old record player for weekend dancing!

Every time things seem to be going well a kink occurs. But I am holding faith that God has great plans for us here, and that we are exactly where He means us to be. I never imagined I would be here at 25. Married, buying our first home in a big city, learning how to fix things and build things ourselves. I have so many projects in store for our new home, I cannot wait to get in there are share them with you!


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  2. Welcome to MD, Kalee!! Lovely to have you here. :)

    Where are you guys buying a house? If you let me know, I can let you know about thrift stores. I don't know how close you are to me, so my lovely Goodwill might be too far for you. :)

    Most people here who want to go to the beach head over to Ocean City in's a couple of hours away. There is a small beach just by the Bay Bridge, though...Sandy Point State Park.