Friday, September 11, 2009

Now I Forgot What I Was Going To Post About

I went to try on G's leather jacket. And as I was putting it up I noticed a hole in the dust cover. Unfortunately something melted through the dust cover and melted it onto the jacket. G immediately freaks out, because let's face it, it was a big decision buy. But I'm calm, I tell him to calm the hell down. I get some of the melted stuff off, and in the process, it causes a tiny tear in the lambskin. Great.

So now this next week I will be contacting specialty leather places on how to get this fixed. If there is a dark mark on it in the end, eh, who cares? It's a lighter leather, it was bound to get darker spots as it aged. And I know the tiny tear will be a quick fix (it's literally less than 1/4 in.). But he looks great in it, fall is coming and I want the problem solved. We're still perplexed of how it got damaged in the hotel room.

His freaking out was because he thought I would be horribly upset. I guess maybe having took on the debt of a car and we're looking at going into a contract on a house has changed my perspective. After those two things, and realizing that the jacket is nothing compared to even the earnest money we had to have, I'm just in a different mind set. I love my husband. Whatever happened happened. Nothing we can do to change it, we can only try and fix it. And a jacket is not something I want to waste our time together arguing about. I had a grown-up moment, yes indeed.

Oh, and how I got him laughing? I told him to shush or I wasn't going to okay the black leather jacket!

*EDIT* I had the idea to e-mail our realtor late last night since she seems fashionable enough to know someone who could help. And of course she did! Apparently there is a leather miracle worker here in Baltimore, so I will be calling him this week!

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  1. I hope your leather miracle worker makes the jacket all better and that you both have a lovely weekend!