Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some Mornings

Some mornings seem too sweet to want to end.  I decided that having been up since 3:30 with a headache, and having already killed that much time, that at 6:20 this morning it was time to wake G up.  It was only 10 minutes before the alarm was supposed to go off, but he prefers to wake up to me anyways.  I slid under the covers ( I had been on the other bed in our hotel room reading and watching t.v. on the computer), curled up, he turned to face me and gave me a smooch, smiling with his eyes closed and his little boy morning face scrunched up.  When he sounded grumpy a bit later I attacked him, tickling him and repeating "Are you grumpy?  We don't have grumpy mornings!" as he thrashed about trying to escape.  Then I got pinned and he said he wasn't going to be able to move and go to work because if he let me go I would attack again.  I just grinned and said that was just fine, he didn't have to go.

Then 6:30 hit, and it was time to get up, go get some breakfast and get him ready to leave.  But this morning I didn't want him to leave.  I was feeling like a petulant child, and I told him no, he couldn't go to work, not today.  I have always said we have a good marriage because even when we're mad at each other (not today) we still would prefer to just be together.  Some days it's G at work just staring down the clock until he can get back to me, some days it's when I don't want him to leave.  Today was one of those days.  So I asked him to just spend the last 10 minutes curled up with me, to which he instantly complied.  I was curled up on his chest, just trying to absorb each other through osmosis in those last 10 minutes.  I told him I hadn't gotten enough smooches.  He pulled away and said, well, we can't have that!  I'll just have to give you so many smooches that the smooch jar fills up, and whenever you need one today, you just pull one out and you'll be fine.  He then proceeded to attack me with smooches.  I of course was giggling, and I thought 2 things.  First, I am lucky, because I have a husband who understands the importance of smooches.  And secondly, wow is he going to be an amazing father someday.  I can just picture a little boy or girl upset that Daddy is leaving to go somewhere, and him amazingly having the right response.  Makes a girl's heart burst with joy I tell you!

I finished The Lost Symbol, and once the headache goes away I will give it a review.  I'm afraid if I tried to now I would simply give things away without meaning to.  It was an interesting book, got me thinking a lot, so I hope you'll come back for my take on it later!  

*EDIT* In the attempt to be authentic and real, while my morning was nice and sweet it is a complete contrast to last night when I was exhausted, grumpy, bossy, and kept telling G to keep away because he was too hot and breathing on me!  I then promptly fell asleep in the wrong bed, and woke up cold this morning!


  1. Kalee, I stumbled onto your blog, and I wanted to let you know I share sympathy with you. I get migraines as well. I don't think people understand how horrible they are if they don't get them. I hope yours goes away quickly.

    I am reading the Lost Symbol also. I am a mother of 3 kids, so it takes me quite a while to read a book I am glad you liked it. I am also enjoying it.

  2. I've had migraines since I was 4, so I am just kinda used to them. But I hadn't had one in a long while, so this one kicked my butt!

    My mother always had/has the hardest time with finishing books, and she always said it was because she was too busy with us 4 kids! I hope you got to finish it! I know when I get caught up in a book with lots of details, then interrupted I forget what was going on.