Thursday, October 29, 2009


Me:  You need to come up with a name for the house since you want to name it.

G:  Yes.  Pause
      It's bad luck to sail a ship without a name.

Me: Laughing  But we don't live in a ship.

Ahh, the crazy moments of my life when I wonder if my husband is getting too many sharpie fumes at work.  


  1. Houses in England have names! And maybe other parts of Europe, but I can only say without a shadow of doubts that houses in England have names. You should TOTALLY do it. It will help you remember all the places you've lived. My husband's grandparents have been married 65 years, and they put together a very, very long list of every address they have ever had. I can't even remember the number of the apartment I moved out of in August!

  2. LSW, thanks for commenting! We lived in England for 2 years, and fell in love with the house names there! I even have photos of some, and it helped when giving directions "Oh, you go past Ivy Cottage and take a left" because a lot of times their road signs were hard to see (they're low to the ground and sometimes blocked by weeds and tall grass).

    I said something about it to G again last night and he repeated that ships can't sail without a name. I think he's finally stared at a computer too long!