Friday, October 30, 2009

Putting It Out There

Several bloggers have posted recently about putting your intentions out there.  Just saying to the world, "This is what I have planned for myself."  So here goes:

I'm 25, but I've been writing poetry and stories since I was a small child (yes, my mother has a stash of faux-hallmark cards I would make, and I have hundreds of poetry I wrote when I was younger, some crap, some really good).  But for the past couple years I have been exploring the idea of sucking up my fears, and finishing one of the novels I have started.  You see, I'm a writer.  I think in story-lines, and that is why my life can get kinda crazy.  I believe in making life more like what I read about, in not just accepting the day to day crap.  

So my biggest secret wish of them all is that I can get published.  I don't need to be big, I just want people to read what I write, to enjoy it.  G is fully supportive of this, and is in fact the only person on the planet I share my ideas with.  But what even he doesn't know is that I would love to be big, if for no other reason than to take control of our life.  I feel like being in the military makes us less in control, and I would love to have enough money from something I love doing to say to him, just quit.  Just come with me and relax in the lavender fields in the South of France.  Just breathe in the salty air on Corfu.  I want to make it as an author for those 2 reasons:  I love writing, and I want to make the type of life for us that we spend hours day dreaming of.  To be able to own a small farm where we can grasp earth in our hands, where we can have petite goats follow us around.  (Oh, and if we could also afford an old high ceilinged apartment in Paris, that would be great too.)

Someday I will share with you pieces of my novels.  I believe that someday I will get published.  But I wanted to put it out there.  It's time I start letting the universe believe in me.  


  1. Go for it!
    I have a book started, too, but I think it's fear that it won't be good that keeps me from working on. I have it in my mind, but actually putting it on paper or on the computer screen is terrifying!
    I have a second book started in my mind that I need to write just for me to work some things out. Maybe we can encourage each other?

  2. You should do it. What's the worst that could happen? What's the best that could happen? Think about the best and go for it.