Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It feels like it's been forever since I posted anything really.  I'm a bad blogger, but have been distracted by shiny things.  Oh, and someone backed straight into our car on Saturday and nearly punctured the door.  It's got a nice square indention.  Lovely!

We've also been baking up a storm.  I am trying to get my care packages out for tomorrow, so tonight I am finishing them up!  I hope the lovely ladies enjoy them!

Tonight I am making some scones.  Please keep your fingers crossed since I've yet to find a recipe that reminded me of the ones we ate in England.  I also made some mock Devonshire clotted cream to go with at G's request!

And also on tonight's menu is chili for tomorrow!  We like to make it a day ahead for 2 very important reasons: one, it flavors better as it "ages" and two, we skim as much fat as possible off, but leaving it in the refrigerator overnight allows the rest to rise to the top and solidify, therefore making it healthier!

And finally, I've been creative quite a bit lately, and will have project upon project to show as we get closer to Christmas!  But the first couple were for me because I couldn't sleep after having been sick and slept in so late.  I took a strand of the cheap pearl beading you usually see involved in wrapping (it comes on rolls) and twisted and braided to make a long necklace.  I also made one with some glass beads and ribbon, but that will be the next post as there are several pics to show steps!  

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